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The Basement Doctor On The Job

Please read below our blog posts about basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space services we provide in North West of Ohio.

Pier Logic

For centuries, builders have had a major obstacle in building lasting structures; settling. Settling is a natural occurring phenomenon where the soils and bedrock of the earth are in constant, albeit very slow, movement. When tectonic plates move we call it an earthquake. When soil under your house moves, we call that settling. Settling comes in va...

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Kids with Character

Local sporting events are a cornerstone of Northwestern Ohio. We all love cheering on our children and their friends—and many of us hope for those full-ride scholarships if we're honest with ourselves! And of course there are many draws on our attention at the week's games; you have concession stand food, 50-50's drawings, and charity drop-offs— ev...

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A Crawlspace Fit for Brandon

Business exists to serve the community, and every once and a while, it can help provide the impossible. Here in Lima, we have become familiar with the Schindler family in Shawnee. Almost a year back, Brandon, the 10-year-old son of Brian and Andrea Schindler was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, known as A Plastic Anemia. Overnight, the illness...

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Which Foundation is Right for Me: Part 2

Thanks for stopping by this week! If you recall last week, we talked at great length about crawlspaces, and the value of a properly conditioned space. Today, we can build on those principals concerning some of the most desirable space in the house, the basement! Further, we'll look at how a properly implemented investment, can not only ad security ...

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Which Foundation is Right for Me?: Part 1

Recently I had some friends that were starting to shop for their first home. They are very smart folks, and started making a few criteria for their search-soliciting help on Facebook. One of their questions was what style of foundation would be the most beneficial. As I work in the home improvement industry, I wanted to give them the best answer I ...

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