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The Basement Doctor Disinfection Services

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Fight The Coronavirus

With Our EPA-Certified Whole Building Disinfection Services

Columbus, Ohio – For over 30 years, The Basement Doctor has provided Central Ohio with drier, cleaner, healthier, safer and more energy efficient places to live, work, and visit. Now, the company known for solving your basement problems is working with manufacturers to offer a response to Human Coronavirus. The Basement Doctor has several cleaning and disinfecting agents, registed by the EPA, that have been proven to be effective at killing a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including the Human Coronavirus. With a long history of responding to and remediating contaminates in homes and businesses, The Basement Doctor is uniquely positioned with the right equipment, products, protocols, and trained staff to effectively clean and disinfect office buildings, hospitals, gyms, equipment, products, protocols, and trained staff to effectively clean and disinfect offce buildings, hospitals, gyms, schools, places of worship, and other public facilities.

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John Clements

“We care about the communities that we serve, and we are here to help,” says Ron Greenbaum, Owner and CEO. “We know this is front of mind for everyone given the recent pandemic, and we take it personally to do our best to protect the community we live and work in.”

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Disinfection Process

The Human Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a primary concern for businesses, schools places of worship, and homeowner s. At The Basement Doctor, we are offering full building disinfection services to help you combat the Coronavirus.

We've worked closely with manufacturers to become certified in the application of their EPA registered products. These products effectively kill a substantial list of bacteria and viruses, including the Human Coronavirus*.

Coronavirus is dangerous. There can be a 14 day incubation period before individuals even show signs of infection. Because of these two weeks, we have to assume most buildings have some traces of the virus.

Luckily, our disinfection services have three levels of protection to help combat the spread of viruses and bacteria. Our services include:

  • Images of your property including the entire space along with contents
  • Performance of an inspection, obtain a building layout and put together a comprehensive cleaning plan
  • Setting containment and harmful air to aid in disinfection

*This product is included in the recommendations from the manufacturer for cleaning in response to COVID-19.

**These protocols have been developed per manufacturers' proposals to provide the best possible chance to establish a reset to the building's environment.

1. Prevention:

  • Prevention is the most crucial step and starts with cleaning the furthest point from containment entry.
  • Next, we perform a 360-degree application via fogger, and the fogged area will be cleaned.
  • Third, we will apply disinfectant to every surface. We use it until a light coat of moisture is present. The exterior has to remain wet for about 10 minutes. Then, we wipe the disinfectant away and label the rooms we have cleaned.
  • Lastly, we will leave behind two containers of disinfectant for janitorial staff. We suggest applying the disinfectant in high traffic areas such as countertops, bars, keyboards, printers, fax machines, door knobs, etc. Additional cleaners can be purchased as needed.

NOTE: The owner will be responsible for making sure that all items of concern (paper, stored items, etc.) are put away before the fogging commencing.

NOTE: If space is filthy, surface cleaning will be needed before fogging. If that is discovered during the inspection, the Mitigation solution will be required to make sure that the surfaces are clean before the fogging takes place.

2. Mitigation:


  • All items included in the first Prevention option
  • Our goal is to ensure every thing is as clean as possible. Therefore, we perform afull surface wipe down with the di sinfectant. From there, we wipe surfaces before fogging. The detergent cleaning solution we use is a PreVasive BAC antimicrobial cleaner. The antimicrobial cleanser contains botanicals, alcohol, and detergents for effective surface cleaning.
  • After we finish, we dispose of all cleaning microfiber towels in a secure poly bag for disposal.
  • All notes listed above will apply to this option as well.

3. Maintenance:


  • All items listed in both the first (PREVENTION) and second (MITIGATION) option with the addition of a monthly maintenance option. Our monthly maintenance includes fogging application to ambient air only. This fogging will not be applied to all surfaces as in the PREVENTION option.
  • All notes listed in the PREVENTION option would apply.

For All Options:

At the Basement Doctor, we provide a three-ring binder at each job. This binder informs personnel about the work being done as well as what products are being used. Lastly, this binder has information about Human Coronavirus.

Additionally, disinfectant will leave spots on all surfaces. All surfaces will need to be wiped down by the owner/homeowner with the cleaner provided upon completion of the project. Our contractors can return to perform a wipe down at an additional cost per square foot.

Additional pictures will be taken at the beginning, middle, and end of each project.

*This product is included in the recommendations from the manufacturer for cleaning in response to COVID-19.

**These protocols have been developed in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations to provide the best possible chance to establish a reset to the building's environment.

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