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Foundation Repair At The Historic Ludwig Mill In The Toledo Ohio Area

Project: Historic Ludwig Mill

Project Manager: John Clements

Foreman: Lee Blodgett

Customer Name: Toledo Area Metro Parks

Location: Grand Rapids, OH 43522


The Isaac Ludwig Mill was built on a stone foundation in 1822. The Mill is situated between the Maumee River and the Miami Erie Canal. This project was a special case, because of the mill’s location and where it was positioned. When located near any water area, it’s not uncommon to be subject to flooding or foundation issues. The mill’s foundation was built atop clay, because they didn’t dig as deep back then. Due to the years of flooding and location, the foundation had sunk up to 9 inches at its worst spot. The Metro Parks concern was stabilizing the foundation so it wouldn’t shift any further from where it was and cause any further damage.


The Basement Doctor Project Manager John Clements went out to examine the issues of the foundation. With John’s years of experience, there wasn’t any doubt that he could provide a solid project outline to shore up the mill’s foundation. Working closely with the Metro Parks coordinator (Larry Fast P.E.), John suggested a full foundational support system. This would provide the stability needed to shore up, and keep the foundation from a further shift. The Basement Doctor team installed a combination of helical piers and smart jacks under the exterior walls and main support beams. This process had to be carefully completed so the building wouldn’t further settle into the clay and lean eastward. At the completion of the project, the Metro Parks area coordinator could see the evidence that they indeed selected the right contractor in The Basement Doctor!

Anything Special:

This job was not put out for bid, because of the grunt work required for its completion. The Toledo Area Metro Parks went through a detailed contractor selection process. This process involved; the contractors sending in letters of interest, and being selected based on their qualifications. After reviewing the letters, The Basement Doctor was selected as the most qualified company to complete the project.


Pier Installation Grand Rapids, OH During Pier Installation Grand Rapids, OH After Pier Installation Grand Rapids, OH

Additional Materials:

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