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Case Studies

Poly Level Foam Installation | Sylvania, OH

Margie had concrete settlement on their side walk. Concrete settlement causes the ground to be uneven causing tripping, step height, and walking hazards as well. She wanted to get the side walk issue fixed as soon as she could. She scheduled a free inspection with The Basement Doctor.

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Cracks, Gaps, and Sunken footing | Holgate, OH

Holgate, Ohio homeowners were having issues with a sunken footing in the crawl space. They found gaps where the load bearing walls were placed. A free consultation with the experts at The Basement Doctor NW to solve the issue was scheduled.

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Leaky and Bowed Walls | Findlay, OH

A Findlay, OH homeowner called into The Basement Doctor about the damp and leaking basement walls. He wanted to locate the leak so that he wouldn’t pay the price during heavy rains. A free consultation with The Basement Doctor was scheduled to find a solution.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation | Celina, OH

Douglas called into The Basement Doctor about improvements to his crawl space. He stated that the floors were cold, and that his heating bill was high. He also wanted his crawl space area to be used for extra storage. Douglas scheduled a free consultation to find a solution for his crawl space needs.

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Cleanspace and Smart Sump System Installation | Grove, OH

Matt called in stating that when it rains, their crawl space floods. Rotten wood, mold and moisture were the main concerns. Matt and Stevi scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution.

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Mold and Musty Odors | Bryan, OH

These homeowners were experiencing odors coming from their crawlspace. Upon inspection, it was determined the homeowner had areas of standing water in their crawlspace, and mold on floor joists and main beam. Access to the crawlspace was through a tight opening through a closet floor.

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Waterproofing | Kalida, OH

Four apartment complexes were impacted by the significant rainfalls, and the owner called The Basement Doctor to get the water away and seal off the crawlspace from the ground.

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Cleanspace Encapsulation | Findlay, OH | The Basement Doctor

A homeowner was concerned because water was getting into the crawl space and her floors were cold. Also debris was left behind by previous contractors. So she decided to call The Basement Doctor.

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Foundation Repair | The Historic Ludwig Mill | The Toledo Ohio Area

The Isaac Ludwig Mill was built on a stone foundation in 1822. Due to the years of flooding and location near a water area, the foundation had sunk up to 9 inches at its worst spot. The Metro Parks concern was stabilizing the foundation so it wouldn’t shift any further from where it was and cause any further damage.

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Leaks, Mold and Structural Wall Cracks | Spencerville OH | Finished Basement

The homeowner noticed that the hearth of the fireplace, in the basement, had a large horizontal crack across it. It also appeared to be pushed from the wall itself. Concerned about potential structural issues, and not being able to see the wall behind their finished walls, they called The Basement Doctor.

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Foundation Settlement, Cracks in Foundation and drywalls in Lima, OH

Built in 1957, The Thompson home structure is wood framed with an added addition in 1997. Shortly after the addition was constructed, the homeowner noticed some issues. These issues included: foundation settlement, drywall cracks, cracks in the foundation and doors/windows that did not fully open or close.

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Dampness, High Humidity, and Odors in the Crawl space | Coldwater, Ohio

The Kahlig Estate was built in 1995 with an uncommonly small crawl space, 9 inches tall. The crawl space itself occupied 1800 sq. ft. of the foundation, while the remaining was built on a slab. The family had noticed a few issues in their home that raised some concerns. They noticed high humidity, dampness, and odors throughout the home.  They had a major problem within their crawl space and needed a solution!

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