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EverLast Basement Drywall Restoration System

Permanently Repair Wet Drywall With Our Basement Drywall Repair System
Permanently Repair Wet Drywall With Our Basement Drywall Repair System

If you already have a finished basement with drywall panels, these panels may get damaged by water over time. You will know that there is water behind the drywall if you notice obvious stains, a musty odor, or you can actually see mold growing on the panels themselves.

Instead of tearing these wall panels out, an alternative would be to finish the bottom portion of the wall with an insulated panel with the EverLast Basement Drywall Restoration System. The wall panel will make it possible for your basement to still look great and be usable, even if you do experience occasional problems with moisture behind the drywall.

EverLast Finished Wall Restoration System
EverLast Finished Wall Restoration System

Instead of ripping out the ENTIRE damaged drywall section and replacing it with new drywall (that could be damaged by future flooding) we finish the bottom section of the wall with an insulated panel.

System Specifications

  • 1/2" rigid cementitious board cladding
  • White or beige patterns available
  • 32" high installation
  • Attractive, inorganic chair rail & baseboard

Advantages to the EverLast Drywall Repair System

Restored Basement Wall
Restored Basement Wall

This basement wall system is a popular alternative over other systems available on the market today because it's an economical solution to a common problem. When you get this drywall repair system installed, you are doing your part to ensure that your walls aren't damaged by water and won't be able to support the growth of nasty black mold and mildew. The EverLast system is made from inorganic materials that won't ever be able to grow mold or be damaged by the water that may come through the foundation walls. The new panels can easily be washed off, and they are also proven to be nearly 197% stronger than standard drywall materials that are used in the basements of homes during the finishing process.

Installation of the Panels

Damaged Drywall Panel
When drywall is damaged by flooding water, it can discolor and become a breeding ground for mold, rot, and mildew.

This system can be used in conjunction with existing perimeter drainage systems that may already be in place, and certain types of basement flooring. The EverLast system will be installed once the damaged drywall underneath is removed. The floor will be made flush with the new wall panels.

It is recommended that you have a vapor barrier installed on the concrete walls behind the drywall once the damaged panel is removed to help make sure that dangerous moisture isn't able to get inside in the future to cause problems in this area. Once the new panels are installed over the vapor barrier, they will be cleaned off. Typically, the entire time involved with the removal of the damaged drywall to the installation of the new paneling and vapor barriers will be about one week.

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