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Basement Wall Insulating with ThermalDry

basement wall panel Basement Wall System
ThermalDry Wall - Great for wall insulation

For homeowners who are wanting a wall system that will keep water vapor out and improve their home's energy efficiency, this is the perfect system. It features a plastic vapor barrier with bubbles on one of the sides that helps with water drainage, and a reflective foil face on the other side that reflects heat back into the basement so it can't escape out through the foundation wall. This means that during the cooler months of the year, your heater doesn't have to work as hard to keep your family warm and comfortable. In fact, ThermalDry will be able to reflect nearly 90% of the indoor heat back into the basement instead of letting it escape. This means huge energy savings for you each month.

ThermalDry if you\'re planning to finish your basement
ThermalDry Walls Installed

If you are planning on finishing your basement in the future, then this is a good option for you. It is easily installed by our basement experts with mechanically-fastened drilled-in fasteners. Get this wall installed first and then put in a stud wall system. It will protect the interior wall from water stains and it will help to keep the environment warm and welcoming. This is an economical and sensible option for homeowners looking to finish their basement, but who also want to be sure the foundation walls are protected from moisture damage.

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