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ZenWall - Basement Wall Paneling System

Moldy Damaged Basement Walls
Moldy Damaged Basement Walls

Nobody wants to deal with moisture below their home, and this is why they get standard waterproofing systems installed. These systems are able to protect the floor form unsightly water damage, and they typically are designed to collect water from the cove joint, leaking floor cracks, and generally around the perimeter of the basement environment.

However, most waterproofing systems don't do anything to protect the basement walls from getting damaged. This means that your stone or block wall foundation could be letting a lot of water vapor inside from the soil surrounding your home. Over time, this moisture can cause stains to form on your walls, and it can lead to the growth of nasty mold and bacteria which could make your family really sick.

ZenWall Basement Wall Paneling System
ZenWall - Basement Wall Paneling System

There are alternatives to the ZenWall system, such as using waterproofing paints and coatings. However, they are nowhere near as effective as this system. Also, over time, the paint is going to chip away, drywall panels are going to start to show mold and water damage, and your basement is going to be in pretty bad shape.

The ZenWall system is unlike all other wall systems because it is made from a 1/4" thick encapsulated fiberglass core and has a reflective foil barrier on one side, and a vinyl finish on the other side that is seen inside the basement environment. If you want to protect your basement walls and stop water vapor from getting inside - all while having a finished look underneath your home - this is the perfect option for you. It is used together with a perimeter drainage system in your basement, and water from behind the walls will be drained away by the system already in place. Water will be sent to the sump pump where it eventually will be directed out and away from your home.

ZenWall Paneling Installed in Basement
ZenWall Paneling Installed in Basement

This wall system will give your basement a clean, bright, and finished look at a fraction of the cost it would be to actually finish this area. The system is available in 2 1/2 foot by 8 foot panels, and our installers will be sure that all the fasteners used during installation are hidden with trim pieces so that you won't be able to see them from inside your home. The foil barrier will also be able to reflect heat back into your home so that it can't escape out through the basement walls. This means that your home will stay warmer in the winter without your furnace having to work overtime. This could potentially mean huge energy savings for you each month, as well.

ZenWall Advantages
Temperature Difference Between Concrete Wall vs. ZenWall System

These wall panels are easy for our basement experts to install, and they will quickly be able to get them set up underneath your home. They're affordable, practical, and a great alternative to the wall finishing systems on the market today.

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