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ThermalDry Wall - Great for wall insulation
ThermalDry Wall - Great for wall insulation

ThermalDry basement wall system is part of a pair of basement finishing products, which also includes ThermalDry basement floor matting. The basement wall system includes plastic vapor barriers with bubbles on one side which will be able to act as a thermal break and space to allow for drainage. It will also be able to stop water vapor from getting into your basement through walls, and it will drain the water into a special drainage system.

Also, the basement wall system has a reflective foil surface that will reflect more than 90% of the indoor heat back into the basement. This means cost savings for you since your heater won't need to work as hard during the winter months to keep your home cozy and comfortable. Heat moves from hot to cold, and when you have a chilly basement, heat wants to escape through here. It won't be able to anymore once you have the ThermalDry wall insulation system in place.

Basement Finishing

ThermalDry Walls Installed
ThermalDry Walls Installed

If you are thinking about doing basement finishing in your home, then you're going to need to get the ThermalDry wall insulation system and special flooring installed. This system can be installed easily with drilled-in fasteners and it is perfect for homeowners who want a finished basement wall surface with studs for hanging pictures, TVs, stereo speakers, and so on. When installation of your ThermalDry insulation system is complete, be sure to leave a 1/2 inch space in front of it for the best benefit to you when it comes to saving energy. This 3-in-1 system will be able to stop water vapor, drain wall leaks, and it will also reflect heat back into your basement. It's everything you need for your basement walls if you are thinking about finishing your basement to add on a playroom for the kids, extra bedrooms, a home theater, a home gym, a home office, or just a place to store your belongings.

ThermalDry Basement Flooring

Flooring that will never mold or rot!
Flooring that will never mold or rot!
The ThermalDry floor matting creates an inorganic barrier to prevent your basement floor from potential water and moisture entrants.

ThermalDry basement flooring creates a thermal break between your finished basement and the cold basement floor. Installing this flooring material can make your basement 8-10 degrees warmer and will make your home much more energy efficient. Also, ThermalDry will create an inorganic barrier that will never grow mold or rot between the basement floor and your finished flooring material choice - whether it be carpet, hardwood, tile, or rugs.

Feel free to call us for more information about getting ThermalDry installed. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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