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PolyLevel® for Commercial Applications

PolyLevel® Commercial Application

Sunken concrete in commercial or industrial spaces can create an unsafe working environment as well as a number of maintenance issues. PolyLevel® can restore sunken and cracked concrete in a short number of days, which means business can carry on as usual. But this method of repair is not limited to office buildings or sidewalks, PolyLevel® can be used in numerous commercial applications, including:

  • Leveling interior and exterior industrial and commercial building slabs
  • Uneven roads & bridges
  • Pipeline trench breakers
  • Airports, railroads & infrastructure repairs
  • Municipal infrastructure repair

Concrete settlement and uneven surfaces can occur for a number or reasons, must commonly water infiltration underneath the slab has washed away the soil. But traditional methods such as removal and replacement of slabjacking can cause major disruption to normal business operations and daily travel on roads and bridges. They can also disturb the existing finishes on the exterior of a building. The PolyLevel® system brings quick cure time, precise lifting and is better for the environment. It is also a 1/3 of the price you would pay to demolish existing slabs. If your commercial property is in need of an exterior or interior concrete repair, contact us today so that we can schedule your free consultation.

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