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Anabec Mold Removal System

The Anabec mold removal system will be able to get rid of the pesky fungus problem in your basement or crawl space. Other basement companies in the area may try to promote a solution that is based heavily on bleaching the surface where the mold is growing. While this may make your home smell "cleaner," it's not really treating the cause of the problem and mold spores will be back and growing again in no time at all. Fortunately, Basement Doctor Northwest can provide you with a removal product that has proven time and time again to be effective at getting rid of this nasty fungus for good. It's affordable, and will provide lasting protection against microbial organisms.

About Anabec Mold Treatment

Basement Wall Before Mold Removal

This mold treatment solution is the best product that we have found when it comes to treating this fungus problem. Typically, homes will experience problems with mold in the basement or crawl space if they don't have proper waterproofing systems in place. Mold needs three things to live - moisture, humidity, and organic materials to feed off of. More times than not, these three things are found together below a home if the area hasn't been properly sealed off or protected against moisture intrusion.

The Anabec system is a patented mold fighting inhibitor which is translucent and water resistant. It can easily be painted over after it's been applied to your basement walls. This means that after the product is set up, you can feel free to finally finish your basement to add on the extra rooms you've always wanted.

Anabec Microbial Barrier Benefits

Basement Wall After Mold Removal By The Basement Doctor

There are many benefits to this microbial barrier, including the following:

  • Get rid of nasty mold and bacteria growing below your home
  • One day installation
  • Improve your home's indoor air quality
  • Available in a few different colors
  • Can be painted over for basement finishing
  • Lasting and durable solution to mold growth
  • Affordable and much more effective than other products on the market
  • U.S. Green Building Council Member

Please call us today to learn more about getting this mold removal system for your home.

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Basement Dehumidifier in Delphos, OH

Very happy with the dehumidifier. Does a great job and saves on electricity. Does not have to run all the time - Very nice unit.

Jim R. - Delphos, OH 45833