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CleanSpace® Crawl Space Encapsulation System

CleanSpaceThis is a 20 mil crawl space vapor barrier that will be attached to the walls and floors underneath your home. It can also be used inside basements with a dirt floor, or in basements that on't have even walls or floors. After it's installed, the liner will be able to stop water from getting into the home, and this includes moisture which may try to seep up through dort or concrete floors.

The liner can be installed together with a crawl space vent or door, and this will add extra protection against outside moisture and humidity which may try to get inside. When you have these products in place, the area below your home should stay dry, safe, and healthy.

Durable, Warrantied Encapsulation Product

CleanSpace® comes with a 25-year warranty, and this protects it from normal wear and tear, rips, and other types of damage. It is made from strong high-density polyethylene materials. This wall and floor covering will make this area below your home appear to be much brighter, whiter, and cleaner. It will give the space a more "finished" look, and you can feel comfortable using this area as storage since you know water and excessive humidity won't be able to get inside and cause problems.

Create an Energy Efficient Home

What's more, with this product in place, you can make your entire home much more energy efficient. When the crawl space is sealed, you don't have to worry about conditioned air from inside your home getting out - this can make your home's heater and air conditioner work much harder to keep your family comfortable throughout the year. If air isn't getting out, the HVAC systems don't need to work as hard, and this will save you money from month to month on your energy bills.

Benefits of the CleanSpace® System

  1. 25-year warranty
  2. Reduces moisture and humidity below the home
  3. Can be used with drainage matting, dehumidifiers, sump pumps, vents, doors, etc.
  4. When combined with insulation, heat loss is reduced significantly through the floor and wall
  5. Can also be used inside a basement environment

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