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Mold Prevention & Removal

The Basement Doctor can provide you with effective and affordable mold prevention and removal. Nobody wants to have mold growing in their home, regardless of whether it's in a visible place - such as in the kitchen or bathroom - or in an area of the home where people likely don't spend a lot of time - such as in the basement or crawl space. Mold is bad news, and it's nasty in color and appearance. It's typically dark green or black and will smell very musty, much like dirty gym socks. This fungus can only grow if three things exist, which are moisture, high levels of humidity, and organic materials to feed off of. If just one of these ingredients is missing, mold will not be able to grow.

Why is it important to prevent mold growth? This fungus can cause a variety of health problems, including: skin rashes, headaches, fatigue, irritation to the eyes and nose, breathing problems, asthma attacks, coughing, cold/flu-like symptoms, and so on. As you can see, this is not something that you want to mess with! Our professionals can come to your home and determine why mold is growing, and then make sure that it never comes back again.

The Anabec System Can Resist Moisture, Mold, and The Spread of Mildew

Anabec™ is a microbial barrier product that is designed for application on building surfaces, including wood fibers, brick, block, and unfinished drywall to name a few. Utilizing nano-technology, the Anabec™ preventative mold wall coating allows active ingredients in its patented formula to penetrate a material's surface and resist moisture, mold, and mildew growth. The Basement Doctor™ has used this product to clean up and prevent mold and moisture issues associated to wet crawl spaces and leaky basements.

Epoxy Wall Coating Being Applied To A Basement Wall

The Basement Doctor™ Epoxy - Our epoxy wall coating product contains a mold inhibitor, and when applied properly to a foundation wall, it will provide a strong, beautiful finish. The epoxy wall coating provides superior mold and mildew resistance. It is designed to not peel or blister and can be washed or scrubbed. With its tough epoxy formulation, this is a fast drying wall coating. In most cases, it can be applied in just a single day. The product comes in two standard color choices - white or grey.

We can provide you with a couple mold removal systems and products. Our Anabec system can be applied on your basement or crawl space walls. These coatings are mold inhibitors, meaning that the fungus will not be able to grow on them. If you are thinking about finishing your basement, this wall coating is definitely something you are going to want to have used. It can easily be painted over and nobody will know it's even there. We can also provide you with epoxy wall coatings which provide outstanding mold and mildew resistance. These walls can easily be scrubbed down for fast and simple cleaning.

Mold Remediation Benefits

There are many benefits that come with mold remediation, but most importantly is the fact that you never again need to deal with this gross fungus in your family's home! When you get one of our mold removal and protection products installed, it will significantly improve your indoor air quality - meaning your family will be breathing in fresh and clean air. Also, a home without mold is one which is much more appealing to prospective home buyers if you are thinking about putting your home on the market soon.

Call us today for more information about mold removal, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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James and Calvin were excellent with their service. They each took the time to explain the process and installation. I am very happy with my experience with your company.
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