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Helical Piers

Foundation settlement is often caused from changing soil conditions around or underneath a home. This includes wetting and softening of the soil, as well as drying and shrinking. When you have poorly compacted fill soils around your home, it's only a matter of time until you start to notice settlement problems or some other kind of structural issue.

If you notice any telltale foundation warning signs, then you need to get in touch with us immediately.

Warning Signs of Foundation Settlement

Below are a few warning signs of foundation settlement:

  • Cracks form on the outside of your foundation walls
  • Cracks form on the inside of your home
  • Doors and windows aren't opening or closing like they should
  • Chimney is leaning or pulling away from the home

All of these warning signs are indications of a severe foundation problem that will need to get taken care of as soon as possible before the damage gets much worse and costs you thousands and thousands of dollars to take care of. Our helical piers will be able to take care of your settlement problem. These piers are designed to mimic the look and functionality of screws, and this is why they are "screwed" into the earth around your home. They are then mounted to the foundation to provide the strength and support that your home needs.

Helical Pier Installation

Below are the steps we use for helical pier installation:

Foundation Repair with Helical Pier Systems
Foundation Repair with Helical Pier Systems
  1. Excavation Of The Foundation: The dirt surrounding the foundation is dug up at each pier installation point, exposing the foundation footing.
  2. Advancement Of The Helical Pier Shaft: Next, the helical piers are mechanically screwed into the soil. The piers are cautiously monitored as they are advanced deep within the earth.
  3. Mounting The Foundation Bracket: Once appropriate depths are achieved, a heavy-duty steel foundation bracket is attached to the helical piers and secured to the foundation's footing.
  4. Transferring The Structural Weight To The Soil: The weight of your home is then carefully shifted through the helical piers onto the competent soils below, preventing any future settlement of your home. Not only will your home's foundation be stabilized once again, but there's also an opportunity to lift your home back to its original, level position.

Feel free to call us for more information about getting helical piers installed to take care of your sinking foundation problems.

  • Can be installed during any season of the year
  • Typically is installed in just one day
  • No serious damage done to yard or landscaping
  • No excavation is required outside your home
  • Zinc coated steel will last for years to come
  • Walls will not bow inside anymore
  • Enhances your property's value and appeal
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