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UltraSump Battery Back-Up Sump Pump

UltraSump battery back-up sump pump

The main reason why basements flood after a waterproofing system has been installed is because of sump pump failure. The UltraSump is designed to provide extra protection for this area of your home in case the primary pump fails or if the power goes out. What's so great about these backups is that they are battery-powered. This means that they get all the energy they need from a battery which can go long periods of time without use and still be just as effective!

Also, the battery backup sump pump will be automatically activated as soon as the main pump stops working like it should.

Common Causes for Sump Pump Failure

Below are the most common causes for sump pump failure:

  1. Power outages which usually occur during bad storms and heavy rains
  2. Circuit breakers are tripped without anyone knowing
  3. The ON switch is stuck, rusted, or just doesn't work anymore
  4. The pump motor breaks down or fails to work like it should

Special Features of the UltraSump Sump Pump

The UltraSump sump pump has many special features which set it apart from other battery backup products. It comes standard with a charging system to automatically charge the battery when the power comes back on and the main pump can work again like it should. Also, the UltraSump system has a gallon-per-minute output and an automatic electronic "smart" charger. Also, its sump pit has an airtight cover which will keep moisture odors out of your family's home, as well as nasty bugs and insects of all varieties.

This sump pump will provide a clean and finished look to your basement since it comes with a cover, and nothing will ever be able to fall into it and cause problems. Also, this is great news because your kids won't ever be able to trip and fall inside of it either.

Please feel free to give us a call to learn more about getting the UltraSump sump pump system installed in your home.

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Sump Pump Installation in Lexington, KY
Dennis was the only representative not intent on selling me a "system." The sump pump installation he sold me was beautifully done, solved our water problem and did not require the extensive tear up to our finished basement that a system would have.
Bill K. - Lexington, KY 40511