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Sinking Foundation and Bowed Wall Repair

Toledo, OJToledo, OH is known as "The Glass City" because it has a long history of innovation when it comes to all types of glass manufacturing, including: bottles, windshields, windows, glass art, and even with construction materials. Also, Toledo is well-known for being a key area in the automotive industry, being headquarters to Sheller-Glove Corporation, Champion Spark Plug, and Electric AutoLite. With so much going for the 4th largest city in Ohio, it's no wonder why so many people are choosing to live and raise families here.

While many new homes are being built in the area, there are still plenty of families living in older homes. These older homes often have problems with their foundations. The foundation is the base of the home and it's responsible for bearing the load of the structure above it. Whenever there's a problem here, it's something that must be addressed sooner rather than later to avoid expensive and serious damage to the overall structural integrity of the home.

Warning Signs of a Foundation Problem

If you happen to notice any of the following warning signs of a problem, you need to get in touch with our team ASAP to schedule a time for an inspection and a consultation:

  • Windows and doors are difficult to open or close
  • Interior and exterior cracks form in the home (around window and door frames), or on the foundation itself
  • Certain sides of the home appear to be sinking deeper and deeper into the earth
  • Walls in the basement are leaning into the home
  • Chimney is tilting or pulling away from the home
  • Cracks appear on the basement floor

Common Foundation Problems

Basement Doctor can take care of a wide variety of foundation problems, including settlement, bowing walls, and wall or floor cracks.

Foundation Settlement

This is a problem that is often caused from poor soil conditions around the base of a home. Typically, when the backfill soil around a foundation isn't properly put back into place, the base of the home will eventually develop voids beneath it. Over time, the home will sink into the voids on one or more sides of the home. This can eventually lead to serious damage and even the collapse of one or more sides of the building.

Bowing Walls

This problem is caused from excess hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding a home. This pressure is created from swollen soils which have absorbed moisture from rain or melting snow. The force presses on basement walls and will eventually cause them to lean into the home. Cracks may also appear on the wall next to the leaning surface.

Wall and Floor Cracks

Cracks in the wall could be a warning sign of a more serious underlying structural problem, such as settlement. However, the crack could appear because of normal shrinking and curing associated with concrete. Floor cracks are typically caused from the curing process, or they may show up if there is a lot of hydrostatic pressure under the home. Regardless of the cause, the cracks need to be fixed before they start letting water seep inside.

Foundation Repair Solutions

We can provide you with the following products to fix your foundation problems:

1. The Reinforcer™ Carbon Wall Repair: this product is used on bowing or cracked basement walls and it provides the strength and support needed to help with keeping the wall stable.

2. The I-Beam: simple, effective solution to repairing bowed basement walls. It is made from strong, corrosion-resistant materials and will be able to prevent bending, breaking, or warping of the basement wall.

3. Helical and Push Piers: these are used to fix issues with settling foundations. Installation is fast, simple, and not much excavation is required.

4. FlexiSpan: this is used on wall and floor cracks to seal them off so they don't let moisture inside.

Free Consultation for Homeowners With Sinking Foundations or Bowed Basement Walls

To get your foundation inspected and repaired, please give us a call today to schedule a time for a consultation.

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